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APERITivo "àllu tramùnde"

Sunset aperitif in Cala Masciola, the beach club in Borgo Egnazia, by the sea and accompanied by the notes of our DJ set.

Where: Cala Masciola

5:30pm – 8pm


The Piazza shines with fakirs and fire-eaters, the embers of a large brazier create flames of light. A true ritual among giants, grills and masters of the circus arts, meat as the main ingredient of the dinner, music echoes through the narrow streets of the Borgo and accompanies all guests on this journey into the warmth of Puglia.

August 30th


A party by the sea, the flavours of grilled fish and musical entertainment.

September 7th

Where: Cala Masciola

From 7:30 pm

quattro mani al bar del portico

September 16th

Perfumes and Alchemy of Puglia

On Saturday 16th of September, there will be a true multisensory experience at the Bar del Portico.

Piero Semeraro, barman of the Bar del Portico, will host Marco Palmitessa from Alchemico Bar e Cose in Monopoli. Alongside them, the products of Aquapulia will help to describe Puglia, through an original selection of fragrances.

The evening main characters will be the Muma Gin – a distillate with a Mediterranean spirit rising from the pureness of the sea and in perfect balance with the natural ingredients – and Aquapulia, a project started in Puglia and born from the desire to create unique fragrances inspired by the places and landscapes of this land. The four cocktails of the evening will take on the name of the perfumes created by Aquapulia and will reinterpret the soul of our territory in a sensory journey between taste and smell. Memories that rise up from the sea, the warmth of a summer sunset, the wind among the centuries-old olive trees: the fragrances of Puglia will amplify the emotional impact of every sip. 

The evening will begin at 6.30pm with cocktail tasting in a pleasant atmosphere between a variety of scents and flavours. For those who want to continue the evening, there is then a dinner at Il Porticato, a restaurant in the Corte del Borgo.

The Bar del Portico is also open for guests who are not staying at Borgo Egnazia every day from 10am to 1am.

Info & reservations: 0802255313

puglia e bollicine

The moment when the sun goes down at Borgo Egnazia is always a special one. The limestone is lit by the soft shades of the pink sunset, the arches of Il Porticato frame pieces of sky and bougainvillea beautiful like paintings, the background lounge music that blends with the clinking of stem glasses. In this special atmosphere, the event “Puglia e Bollicine” returns with the good wine and the cuisine of Il Porticato that offers dishes in perfect harmony between taste and wellbeing. 

September 16th

7:30pm – 10pm


Ancient cooking methods and the festive atmosphere of a dinner in the Piazza. Carefully selected meat cuts prepared by slow cooking, together with grilled seasonal vegetables and hot embers will be the main focus of this evening. Local cuisine mixed with new influences, reinterpreted in a Puglian style, will delight young and old. All together will gather in the Piazza del Borgo among the lights of the luminarie and live Italian music.

September 20th

Where: Piazza

From 7:30 pm


October 7th

Borgo Egnazia celebrates our land and its traditions with a dinner under the stars, in the beating heart of the Borgo, La Piazza, discovering Puglian flavours, accompanied by swing music. 

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Where: Piazza

7:30pm – 10pm


October 10th

A gastronomic proposal that captures the essence of the sea in autumn.

Where: Ristorante Cala Masciola

From 7:30 pm


October 15th

A delicious fresh fish barbecue to enjoy at Cala Masciola, the beach club of Borgo Egnazia, together with a cool cocktail while staring at the horizon and the deep blue sea.

12:30am – 3:30pm


A selection of dishes inspired by the season’s harvest: mushrooms.

October 26th

Where: Ristorante La Frasca

From 7:30 pm


La Calce’s vegetarian proposal meets the prized white truffle.

October 27th

Where: Ristorante La Calce

From 7:30 pm

festa del borgo "la zucca"

October 28th

The pumpkin is one of the symbols of autumn: delicious and unfailing in the recipes that warm up the kitchens with the first cold weather, fascinating and fun in the traditions that make it the protagonist of carvings and decorations full of fantasy and stories.
For one night only, the Piazza del Borgo is tinged with orange and welcomes the amusing sound of nursery rhymes intertwined with tales from the past: welcome to “La festa del Borgo – La Zucca”.


Have lunch with the flavors of the sea and relax on one of our loungers


Where: Cala Masciola

From 12:30pm

domenica del villaggio

November 5th

The Sunday table is more beautiful because it welcomes the whole family, and the Piazza, the heart and soul of Borgo, becomes a second home full of warmth and folklore. As juicy and bursting with colour as fresh tomatoes with ragout sauce, the Domenica del Villaggio is a convivial lunch with the fragrances of Puglia, cooking traditions in the heart of the Borgo: a real journey of flavours to discover a little more of Puglia. Local dishes, tasty and genuine, pay homage to our traditional cuisine, in a rural and convivial setting.

From 12:30 pm


From November 18th

Experience a magical Christmas Market in the Piazza of the Borgo: tiny white lights shimmering like stars through the olive branches, bonfires illuminating the stone, Puglian Christmas music amidst jute ornaments, the scent of “pettole” and almond sweets. For this special occasion, the Casette surrounding the Piazza will be converted into small artisan workshops where you can discover the traditional Puglian craftmanship. 

Savour the warmth and togetherness of the holidays with a lunch or a dinner at La Frasca, where you will discover the deep roots of Puglian cuisine from a menu that celebrates the treasures of our local tradition. 

From November 18th to December 28th, discover the Christmas Markets’ opening hours and choose your experience: 

Visit the Christmas Market
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Visit the Christmas Market and have dinner at Ristorante La Frasca 
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festa del borgo: "vitigni e vignaioli"

December 9th

In the magical setting of a typical Puglian village at Christmas, the familiar smell of the blazing hearth and the flavours of traditional cuisine are combined with the enveloping notes of local wines. An evening dedicated to the local cuisine and wine culture, told by historical vintners and novel wine brands through a sampling of wines from traditional grape varieties. 

The warmth and charm of Christmas in Puglia will be celebrated through home-style dishes, popular dances, and the little white lights of the Casette in the Piazza del Borgo, transformed into artisan workshops for this period. During the most fascinating time of the year, a moment of taste and conviviality celebrating the arts, flavours, and rich fragrances of Puglian culture.

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December 24th

Savour the warmth and togetherness of the holidays with a Christmas dinner to enjoy with the family in the delightful atmosphere of Borgo Egnazia’s Porticato, steps away from the Christmas Markets in the Piazza. A chance to experience a traditional Christmas Eve featuring a special menu and a tasting of festive Puglian desserts. Christmas at Borgo Egnazia embodies the joy and pleasure of being all together at one table whose secret ingredient is conviviality. 

Christmas Market hours: 5.00pm – 8.00pm 
Dinner: 7.30pm – 10.30pm 

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CHRISTMAS lunch at ristorante due camini

December 25th

The traditonal recipes of our cuisine reinterpreted by our chef Domingo Schingaro, in the magical setting of the Restaurant Due Camini.

Lunch: 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Price: 160€ per person (beverage excluded)


December 26th

Soft little clouds of leavened dough, Puglian panzerotti will be the stars of the day of Santo Stefano along with the ever-popular pizza of the Borgo, the result of the finest selection of flours and slow rising. A time to enjoy delicious traditional food in good company, surrounded by the charming atmosphere of the restaurant La Frasca and the scents and lights of the Christmas Markets in the Piazza of the Borgo.  

Christmas market hours: 5.00pm – 8.00pm
Dinner: 7.00pm – 10.00pm

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December 29th

A journey into the past with an itinerant dinner inside a characteristic living nativity scene. A chance to be delighted by the magic of Christmas in Pezze di Greco, a place of caves carved into the rock, where the past relives amidst the simple gestures of age-old crafts and the aromas and flavours of a bygone but never forgotten era.

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December 31st

An aperitivo in the Cortile of Borgo Egnazia, followed by a dinner dedicated to families. Popular music and dances, a traditional menu, and the merriment of the little ones will help create the perfect atmosphere for a New Year’s Eve full of love and happiness.     

Aperitivo at 7pm | Dinner at 8pm
Aperitif and dinner: 280 euros for adults and 140 euros for children (beverage included)

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December 31st

An elegant aperitivo at the Porticato, followed by a sophisticated New Year’s Eve dinner in the Arena of Borgo Egnazia. Dinner will be accompanied by live music and a DJ set, for an endless evening full of emotion.        

Dinner show at the Arena.
Aperitivo at 7pm | Dinner at 8pm
Price for aperitivo and dinner: 350 euros per person (beverage included)
Children over 12 are welcome

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CAPODANNO stellato

December 31st

A gourmet dinner between memory and contemporaneity, immersed in an atmosphere of unique elegance. The menu created by starred Chef Domingo Schingaro combines past, present, and unforgettable flavours and sensations.  

Dinner at 8pm
Price: 400 euros per person (beverage excluded); 500 euros per person with wine pairing (beverage excluded)

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