wellbeing as a way of life

Borgo Egnazia is the perfect place to look for new inspiration
and discover how to make wellbeing part of your life, in perfect
harmony with nature and with the culture of the place.

A wonderful destination where you can experience
regeneration for yourself and for the area you are in with a
positive impact that goes beyond the travel experience.

At Borgo Egnazia wellbeing is everywhere

whether it be a walk in the beauty of the Puglian landscape, a game of padel with friends, a glass of wine sipped at the seas edge or a dish prepared with freshly picked local ingredients, a signature Vair Spa treatment or an afternoon bike ride to the sea.

The wide-open spaces allow you to enjoy the gifts of nature and to practice sports in a spectacular setting, the attentive food and wine proposal allows you to discover an unprecedented balance between taste and health which – far from the concept of “deprivation” – pays homage to Mediterranean culture of food, whose secret ingredient is conviviality.

A surprising journey towards a renewed happiness and an indispensable
wellbeing for the body and mind, thanks to the perfect combination of local traditions and the continuous search for innovation.

Meeting with the people who love this land allowing you to discover and understand the roots and culture of this place through their eyes. The selection of activities and experiences available to guests is a continuous storytelling about the land of Puglia, part of an active and constant dialogue with artisans and local talents. It is an important project of protection and
enhancement of the territory that becomes a choral one, involving guests and making them feel even more a part of this place.

Every day of the year, in all seasons, Borgo Egnazia offers a complete and integrated vision of wellbeing in every moment of the journey, in complete harmony with a style of hospitality based on local and authentic experiences.

It is Borgo Egnazia, it is Nowhere Else.

Immersed in the powerful charm of the millennial olive groves, it is possible to rediscover the pleasure of wellbeing as a lifestyle: everyone is free to seek a renewed balance based on their personal desires and needs and everything is conceived in order to spend precious time at ones own pace, synchronizing with that of the place.